Masters of the robust brunch, lunch, burgers, tapas, speakeasy cocktails and suppers. A focus on high quality ingredients enables our chefs to create unique and innovative menus – taking vegan food to a whole new level. We make almost everything in house from scratch, from our Hollandaise Sauce to our Seitan Chorizo to our Tofu Bacon and everything in between.


We are often asked, why, as a vegan restaurant do we emulate or replicate typically non vegan dishes...

Our own personal journey to veganism was a result of being made aware of the cruel suffering endured by animals in the meat, dairy and egg industry. We are vegan for animals, not because we don't enjoy burgers, grilled cheese sandwiches or creamy pastas. We simply do not want to contribute to the suffering of these innocent creatures, so we work really hard to create dishes (not all) that offer very similar tastes and textures to those that many of us like, while leaving animal products entirely off the plate.



LUNCH MENU (Served 11AM-4:30 MON-SAT) - PDF

EVENING MENU (Served 5PM-Close Monday-Saturday) - PDF

BRUNCH (Served 11AM-1PM Saturday & Sunday)

SUNDAY ROASTS (Served 12PM-4PM Sunday)

XMAS MENU (Pre-order only, served 13/12-23/12)